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Have you searched tirelessly how to make  money with your website or followers?

Do you know that with a Nigerian Based affiliate program you could hit the bank?

That program is Expertnaire!!!

What Is Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is a website where verified experts sell their own digital products.  This simply means that you would be getting value  products that actually work and have proven results over time.

But did you know also that with expertnaire you can make money online promoting such a product as an  expertnaire affiliate?

Who is an affiliate??

An affiliate is a person or agency who promotes products for a commission paid upon sales or conversion.

Expertnaire partner network is really similar to ClickBank or Jvzoo, if you are familiar with any of the platform, you will agree with me that individuals sign up as affiliates to promote, cutter edge digital products, and get paid.

As an registered expertanaire affiliate, expertnaire gives you links which are personalized/tied to your affiliate account, this helps expertanire know when a sales are through your unique link so commissions would be accrued to you.

 In 2019 alone, expertnaire have made affiliates millionaires as they promote digital products on the platform and are paid commissions associated with the product.

A lot of people have become millionaires within a short time through affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you can also become a millionaire through Affiliate Marketing.

don't you think so?

well I do and I have seen and experienced!!!

let's get started with expertnaire..

How to Sign Up For Expertnaire?

Getting registered for expertnaire is very easy, you can sign up as a complete beginner or a person who understands the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing.

How to join as a  Complete Beginner

As a beginner in expertnaire, you will go through an optional program called 72-hour income generator. This 72-hour income generator will help you to get started and start making money.

This same approach used in Jvzoo and Clickbank is also used in 72-hour income generator. This would help you understand what works in the affiliate marketing world and how you can promote value product on expertnaire the right way successfully.

As a beginner, you can select a product that you want to promote, you can use your website for the promotion, You can create a facebook page to run ads (except you want to use free channels like WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media platforms).

What are the advantages of going through the 72-hour income generator training?

  • You will learn  the concepts of affiliate marketing.
  • You don’t need to pay a membership fee.
  • You will get 50% commission for promoting the same product at 20,000 per sale but as an ordinary member, you will get 30% commission plus a membership fee of 10,000.

Signing Up as a seasoned Affiliate Marketer

As someone that already knows how affiliate marketing works, all you need to do is to pay a yearly membership fee of NGN10,000.

For instance, if you have been into affiliate marketing for some time and you feel there is no need going through 72 hour income generator program.

How To Succeed In Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

To succeed in any affiliate marketing program you have to target the right audience.
If you're into social media for marketing it is imperative that you don't spam people with your link as this is very offensive you should rather have a one-on-one convo with people  you perceive might be interested in a products especially if they are your personal contacts.

If you're using Facebook advertising or Google ads be sure you get your keyword targeting  right so audience that are relevant to the product you are promoting can take action.

Overall spamming does not give a good impression about the product you're promoting or people  see-through  your actions as not wanting to help them solve a problem but you bring  after your selfish gain.

Take for instance you are offering to render assistance and Quora and you go and just write,hey, one or two tips here

or there and answer it.

That wont be cool as you keep people information thirsty,

The more in depth you go, the more you help people,the better off you are. So I wouldn't 

I would try to actually include paragraphs of nice lenght and link them to my blog where i have an actual detailed post.

How To make Money With Expertnaire.

The following are expertnaire affiliate market process and how to make money on the platform

  • You will register and join expertnaire affiliate as a member,
  • You will verify your affiliate account through email.
  • Log in your affiliate dashboard.
  • Choose the product that pleases you and then market it.
  • Copy your affiliate or referral link for promotion ( I would suggest your save them in Ms word, excel spread sheet or Google sheet).
  • Get promotional materials like banner and email swipe in order to aid your promotion.
  • Use your website link if you have any or your social media campaigns or email promotion with strategy from a real time digital marketing course.

Some marketing don’t succeed or go wrong because:

  • Nobody is interested in the product that is been promoted.
  • The wrong audience were targeted
  • The method of promotion is not professional.

Therefore, as an affiliate, just having an affiliate account won’t give you money. You have to promote your affiliate link by promoting a product that people are interested in (the right audience for that product and a product that satisfies the need of the audience you are targeting). Otherwise, if you promote a product that your audience  are not interested in through your affiliate link, you won’t make any money. You also need to make sure you have a good idea about the type of audience that may be interested in a particular product before you promote the product to them because nobody wants to buy what is not useful to them or what will not give solution to their problem.

Secondly, you have to build trust by knowing the product you are promoting very well. You know the best way to promote your product very well is to build trust first. You even can start by stating the challenges of the buyer and how your product can proffer the best solution that will address their situation. Make sure what ever you put online is honest and true.

As a potential affiliate on expertnaire, all you need to do is to go online and register on expertnaire.com, enter your name, email address, password, enter your payment details (account number), profile picture if you have any and  then your affiliate link. With all this, you can start promoting your digital products. All you need to do is to follow all you have learnt on 72 hour income generator program.

Top Selling Products on Expertnaire

The following products are the best and top selling on  expertnaire because they are products that a lot of people are desperately searching for.

  • The Canadian Blueprint
  • The 10X Ecommerce Blueprint.
  • The Freelance Master Class.
  • 72 IG (Income Generator) Implementation Training Program.
  • The 28 Days Body Transformation Program.
When you start promoting these products and people start purchasing and you start getting commission, imagine how much you will be making monthly by selling these sort after products above?


How do i Receive Payment From Expertnaire

Is Expertnaire legit?

Who owns expertnaire?


Expertnaire is more like the clickbank of Nigeria where product which actually works are showcased, Thus you would not need to worry about the validity of thr product you are promoting as they are tested and trusted.

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