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MBA training and capital investment is a world-class forex training and Forex Investment Companies in Nigeria which was established By Maxwell Odum with the vision of impacting into the populace the knowledge of forex trading and creating sustainable income source.

I found out about MBA forex and capital investment in July 2019 during my Nysc Days, A team from MBA forex uyo came to our camp during one of our skill acquisition entrepreneurship Department (SAED) lecture, to training corps members on how to trade forex of which subsequently an investment opportunity was introduced  – A 15% monthly return on investment (ROI) for 6 months.

I was sceptical of this newfound investment opportunity as I was well aware of what MMM and other ROI programs did to its investors.

I did some research about Mba forex and noticed that it was a registered company with Rc number 1478221 and has been existing for more than three years but got registered with the CAC in 2018.

Mba registration

Another convincing factor was the fact that I knew forex was a real business and people raked in cash from it daily, as long as you know what you are doing.

I also understood that to make a profit from forex, you need to have huge funds to move the market.

To have an impact in this vast $7 trillion per day market is no child’s play, so MBA needed investor’s funds to make this a success, This was  MBA business model and what they were trying to achieve.

More conviction slide in when it got to my notice that the then “mama SAED” as she was fondly called was an investor in MBA, didn’t feel she would be lying then, because she got her reputation at stake

Investing in Mba Forex

When I left camp I had a substantial amount of money on me which I had saved up over time, and during that period I was looking for investment opportunities.

For corps member then, an investment of NGN100,000 was made available for them, the minimum investment was $1000 which was NGN360,000 but a reduction was made strictly for corps members.

After my documentation in the NYSC Zonal office, 3 days later I proceeded to their office, mehn the office was well organized and of standard, I have silently weighed the company in my mind, as this wasn’t their main branch but was this well organized.

I told the receptionist that I wanted to invest, she kindly directed me to the accounting department, where I made payment via POS. My passport was required and some information about me which included my bank account, I was then given an agreement which serves as a legal document bounding me and MBA  for the 6 months contract.

For the next six months, I was paid 15% of my money for 6 months which was NGN15000 * 6 =NGN90,000. Not bad I thought, at least better than banks.

forex investment company

By January 2020 my investment had elapsed and I was faced with the choice to renew the contract, collect my invested fund or Roll-over.

I went with the roll-over and it’s been four good months now, and I still enjoy the dividends of my investment.


For rolling over your investment, your statement of account would be required, to ensure you were not paid twice due to error.

After meeting the necessary requirement, a rollover would be initiated, you can even top-up your investment at this point.


Here are a few things I like about MBA forex:

  1. They are investing in a real proven legal business.
  2. It is a registered company.
  3. The presence of branches in various part of the country.
  4. They offer forex training – that is they teach you how you can become financially independent.
  5. The average waiting time to get your investment income is 7 days and it has never exceeded that time range.
  6. They are customer-friendly and always open to assist


How to invest in MBA forex


To invest in Mba forex is absolutely easy and hassle-free:

  1. Work into any of their branches and tell them you want to make an investment , if you dont know a branch closest to you call +2347000002000 for directions – the minimum is a $1000.
  2. You would be directed to the accounting department; you make a transfer or pay via the best method convenient to you.
  3. After the money has been confirmed, you would fill in your details.
  4. And your legal document would be prepared and handed over to you.

That’s it. yea, that simple.


Quick Notes about MBA

  1. MBA gives investors NGN 360000 – NGN4,500000 a whopping 15% ROI every month and NGN5,000000 10% for 6 months.
  2. At the expiration of the 6 months, an investor can withdraw his initial investment amount.
  3. Any investor who wants to roll over must first print out his statement of account for citing and verification before the rollover can be effected.


Wrap Up

Investing poises risk, all die an die, but invest wisely. MBA forex invests in a proven business of which they have the expertise, they also invest money into treasury bills. The high volatility of the forex market makes forex an opportunity zone for skilled forex traders.

Any investment opportunity that comes your way, Invest what you can afford to lose!!!

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if you got any question do feel free to ask below.

Forex Investment Companies in Nigeria like MBA Forex has help lifted up many to financial freedom.

Kindly share your MBA FOREX experience below.

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