Currently, blogging is a famous venture since it enables people to share their ideas or thoughts online and, at the same time, make money.

Blogging in Nigeria is a full-time job for many individuals. The guide below highlights very vital information that can assist individuals who wish to start blogging in Nigeria.

Steps To Start Blogging in Nigeria

Before you start blogging, you should try to figure out the issues you wish to blog about. Typically, new bloggers can make a wrong decision of writing about everything that comes into their minds.

In reality, blogging involves sharing your experiences, research, and thoughts. In case you are interested in professional blogging, then your main aims would be to build your reputation by writing about a specific niche.

As a result, you should write about topics that people are searching on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

For passionate and interest-based blogging ensure you are knowledgeable about your topic of interest. Notably, being passionate is one of the essential virtues you should have since it will take a lot of energy and time to build your reputation and make money from your blog.

Ask yourself the following questions so that you can easily discover the niche to write about.

  • Will you enjoy learning more about the topic that you choose?
  • Is the niche competitive?[SERP based]
  • What kind of issues do you enjoy discussing with your friends?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What do Nigerians want?

Notably, you should choose a niche that provides solutions and answers to the queries that Nigerians search.

Nevertheless, it would help if you considered unique, relevant, and sensitive niches that are currently trending in Nigeria.

Some of the niches you can blog about include Politics, music, electronics, relationships, games, travel, food, health and fitness, family, parenting, fashion, business, and inspirations.

Choose your Domain Name

The domain name is the unique address for your blog. It will make it easier for people to find you online. For instance, your domain name can be

In this case, the domain name will help define your brand name and create an excellent impression on your target audience. To make your blog stand out, you should consider the following tips when selecting a domain name:

  • Choose an attractive, branded, and easy to pronounce domain name.
  • Consider future expansions
  • Add your keywords to your domain name but short.
  • Choose a short and memorable domain name.

To register your domain name, you can seek the services of a domain name registrarr, as a blogger that is just starting out I recommend you use which has the name implies offers cheap domain name registrations.

The domain name registrar will assist in checking the availability of the domain name that you choose.

Buy Hosting for your domain

A web hosting is a service that will ensure that your blog is easily accessible to all people who access the internet. The service will store and avail all the content, images, and files on your blog to all online visitors.

In case you do not seek the services of a web hosting, neither will be able to use your domain name nor set up your blog.


Among the numerous web hosting company, Namecheap & Bluehost is considered to be one of the best  for beginners due to the following reasons:

  • Affordable for starters.
  • Free technical support.
  • Famous content management platforms like WordPress recommend them.
  • It offers a free SSL certificate.
  • One-click WordPress installation via softaculous.
  • Free domain name on selected domain extensions.

Although web hosting companies provide monthly payment options, you should avoid that option. By taking such an option, you might make a few monthly payments and end up losing hope in blogging and it cost more in the long run. Therefore, you should try to invest in more extended options like a 1-year payment.

Setting up your blog platform

A blogging platform is an online software that will enable you to create and also maintain your blog. Through a blogging platform, you can write, edit, and format your posts, videos, and photos.

Although you can change your blogging platform with time, it is good that you choose the best one before you start blogging. Some of the blogging platforms you can select include Drupal, blogger, Joomla, Blog Smith, Gawker, Tumblr, Type pad, and WordPress.

However, WordPress is considered the best since even famous platforms like LegitNg, VanguardNGR is designed using this platform.

Moreover, WordPress provides numerous Pros as regard to the Cons.

  • It is highly customizable for beginners.
  • It has a support forum.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is open source. Therefore, you will also get free plugins and themes.
  • WordPress updates its platform regularly

below is a video show the exact step to install WordPress into your hosting via softacolous:

Choose an appropriate theme

Choosing an appropriate theme for your blog is very vital in attracting traffic and will translate into cash. Consequently, you should be able to describe what you provide in your blog in one sentence. If you have a cumbersome theme, you will ward off your potential audience.

Install relevant Plugins

Properly choosing your WordPress plugins has a huge impact on your site speed, SEO, design, and performance. Here are the top plugins I recommend you install on your
WordPress blog right from the start.

  •  Easy Table of Contents
  •  Elementor Pro – Best webpage builder.
  •  Mashshare Share Buttons
  • MonsterInsights – Easiest way to install Google Analytic.
  • OptinMonster – Best email list builder
  • ShortPixel – Best image optimizer
  • ThirstyAffiliates – Best plugin for affiliate links
  • WP Rocket – Best speed plugin
  • Yoast SEO – Best SEO plugin

Perform Search Engine Research & Optimization

The Yoast SEO plugin is the best tool to ensure your blog is 100% search engine optimized.
Once installed, this plugin appears at the bottom of every post and page. On every post
and page, plug your target keyword into Yoast, add in your page title and meta description,
and follow their tips to improve on-page SEO.

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Next, make sure your Yoast settings are all set up correctly. Here are some of the top settings to update when you first install Yoast.
• Connect Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
• Edit your taxonomies: These settings will change how your sitemap indexes
your content. If you are just starting out, you can turn off Tags in search results as
well as date archives.
• Add your social accounts and turn on Twitter cards.
• Enable your robots.txt file

Use the right keywords and write high-quality content

Search Engine Optimization is the main strategy you can use to attract huge traffic to your home. Google usually lowers the rank of blogs that are considered to lack substance and have a lot of keyword stuffing. Ensure that the keywords are extremely relevant to your topic.

Additionally, the articles that you write in your blogs should be unique, grammatically correct, relevant, high quality, flowing, optimized, and compliant with search engine algorithms.

Adopt a content marketing strategy

Through content marketing, you can make your audience interested in the products or services you offer through your blogs.

The strategy works by narrating a valuable story around the products and services that you promote through your site. All you have to do is use your blog to review and demonstrate the relevance of the services or products. Therefore, when using this strategy, you will not ask your audience to buy or read your posts daily, but you can attract their interests.

Integrate with email subscription pop-ups

In this case, pop-ups will assist in tracking all people who will visit your blog. Email Pop-ups provide a form that visitors can enter their names or email addresses so that they can subscribe to your newsletter or opt-in for a particular offer.

Through the correct information, you can easily follow up with your visitors and market your products through their email addresses. According to business experts in Nigeria, pop-ups are a powerful marketing tool that can boost engagement rate, generate leads, convert, and retain the target audience.


Monetize your blog to start making money online

After You start getting site traffic you can choose to monetize your blog content

Below are some of the best ways you can optimize your blogs

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make bank in Nigeria, this involves selling the product or services of other people to gain a commission. You just have to search for affiliate networks in your niche and recommend products to you site visitors and when they make a purchase you get a commission.

Make money with Google AdSense

You can make money in Nigeria by integrating your blog with Google AdSense. In this case, Google AdSense is a worldwide advertising network that gathers and displays third-party advertisements. While it helps advertisers make more sales by increasing their exposure, you can monetize your blog.

Once your target audience clicks on your blog ad, Google will pay you a commission on the amount they charge their advertisers. Apart from Google AdSense, you can also try other ad networks such as PopCash, Adversal, Amazon Native shopping ads, propeller ads, Infolinks, and AdSterra.

Advertise for other businesses through target advertising

You can use your blog to assist businesses in Nigeria to generate substantial leads into their sites. Target advertising can be the best alternative for Google AdSense. The idea of displaying the ad banners in your blog posts will not need a lot of effort. But you should ensure you do the following:

  • Ensure that the public knows that you provide advertising services through your blog.
  • Create a page on your blog that highlights your service packages
  • Create a price list for your charges.

Additionally, it would help if you look for an excellent graphic designer to assist you in creating high-quality banners.

Make money through sponsored reviews and posts

Since many consumers in Nigeria spend most of their time online, many businesses are looking for ways of getting in touch with them seamlessly.

As a result, they need bloggers that know what is required to review their businesses to generate more leads for their goods and services.

You can become an influencer marketer by providing sponsored reviews or posts to your clients. However, to make money through sponsored reviews, you should have huge traffic on your blog and have many followers on social media channels.

Sell products through your blog

Since many people have shifted to online purchases, you can take that advantage and sell relevant products to your audience.

You can sell both digital and physical products. For instance, if you are running a digital marketing blog, you can sell physical products like unidirectional microphones, live sound cards, computer eyeglasses.

Ensure that you offer your audience a chance to buy the products directly through your blog so that they avoid unnecessary stress. Conversely, when it comes to digital products, you can deal with issues such as software, apps, games, audios, videos, and publications.

Monetize with your courses

Sometimes your audience may wish to know more about the topic that you have posted. As a result, you can pitch your subject to the audience. For instance, instead of offering the remaining parts of the areas of discussions for free, you can request them to pay some amount of money so that they can access them. To achieve these ideas, you should do the following:

  • Identify the needs of your audience.
  • Create a page on your blog and enlist all courses and prices tags
  • Ensure that your courses can be readily available for those who wish to pay.

You can offer your courses in audios and videos formats.


Is blogging lucrative in Nigeria?

Many people who wish to start blogging, would wish to know if blogging is lucrative in Nigeria. Notably, blogging is lucrative only for dedicated, passionate, risk-takers, and those who are ready to commit their money and time.

Nigeria has many successful bloggers who run popular sites such as Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, 360nobs, and OgbongeBlog. The bloggers of these sites earn up to N10 million+ every month. However, there is no guarantee that if they are successful that you can also be successful, results are not typical.

Below are some of the features of the lucrative blogs in Nigeria:

The blog should have the right niche, generate millions of views, and generate more than $1,000 per month.

The blog should generate an amount greater than what you get in full-time time. $500 is the average monthly income for a Nigerian citizen who lives comfortably.

Many Nigerian bloggers do earn more than $2000 every month. However, to achieve that, you need monthly views of more than 1.5 million into your blog depending on your niche and strategy it could be far lower than that.

Moreover, the amount of money you can make through blogging depends on how you can monetize your traffic. theoretically, if you monetize your site with Google AdSense, below is the average amount of money that you can make every month:

  • 100,000 views – $110 +
  • 300,000 views- $350+
  • 500,000 views- $500+
  • 1 Million views -$1000+
  • 2 Million views- $1800

and so forth.

Notably, it would help if you were not over-ambitious since it will take time before you can start making such an amount. For instance, if you create a new blog, it will take between 6 months to two years to become successful just like a business.


Some Lucrative  Blogs in Nigeria

Bella Naija

Bella Naija blog was established in July 2006 by Uche Eze. Since then, it has continued to be popular in the Nigerian blogging industry. It is currently one of the most successful blogs that deal with entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle. Many people believe that Uche and her blog have inspired many Nigerian to use the word ‘Naija’ widely.


Noble Igwe founded 360nobs blogs. In case you are interested in entertainment, then you should look at this blog. 360nobs is popularly known for his ‘swagz’. However, it has a lot of information that it offers to its viewers. The blog provides an all-round lifestyle, celebrity gossips, and entertainment news. Additionally, it provides job vacancies for all individuals who might be searching for employment opportunities.

Linda Ikeji blog

The blog was started in the year 2006. Since then, it has been gaining popularity. It is currently one of the best blogs not only in Nigeria but also in other African countries. The blog provides raw, unfiltered gossip on various issues in society. Notably, the blog deals with inspirations, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, entertainment, events, and news.

What is surprising is that the blog has become very successful, and currently, many established firms like BBC and Forbes Africa have shown their interest in the Linda Ikeji Blog.


Olofamous blog was established by Nigerian journalist Olu who turned to be a blogger. Olu uses his journalism experience and skills to write gossipy news in the blog. Thus, the blog has captivated many readers in Nigeria, and as a result, it receives a lot of traffic. Olufamous blog provides mainly pictures and videos of options and news on politics, social issues, and lifestyle. Consequently,

it becomes one of Nigeria’s best blogs, since it offers critical news, especially in politics. This is because the political landscape in Nigeria is turbulent, and knowledge is very crucial.


Mola Ogundele is the founder of the blog. He leads devoted bloggers in entertaining Nigerians with the latest music. The blog provides the hottest stories about Nigeria’s music industry, including album releases, news about famous artists, and awards.

All music lovers can listen directly to audio and video music through this blog. The blog has become very popular due to its collaboration with the best Nigerian music producers and musicians.


It is the heartbeat of Nigerian people since it provides raw and pure Nigerian entertainment. The blog provides the latest news about new and upcoming Nigerian movies, music, culture, and lifestyle.

The pulse also offers the most reliable, highly rated news developments and stories about businesses in Nigeria. Nevertheless, many Nigerians are interested in the growth of legitimate and stable businesses in Nigeria.

Miss Petite Nigeria

Miss Petite is also one of the best blogs in Nigeria that deals with lifestyle and entertainment news. The blog provides gossipy news about Nigerian music, videos, and movies. Although the blog is newer in the industry, it has been able to gain popularity within a short period.


Jibe Ogunsanya founded OgbongeBlog. The blog provides tutorials or information about technology, digital marketing, blogging, and ideas on making money online. Consequently, digital markers, internet entrepreneurs, web designers, bloggers, and individuals interested in social media can get attractive and relevant blogs.

However, those who wish to become bloggers must familiarize themselves with social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and copywriting. As high highlighted above, blogging is a lucrative activity in Nigeria that only passionate, risk-takers, competent, and committed bloggers can use to make money online. All individuals who think that they possess such skills, and they are tired of the jobs they are doing should try out blogging.


Wrapping Up

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