How To Start A Blog In Nigeria 2020

If you are looking for ways to make money online blogging might just be an escape route for you.

Blogging is very lucrative if you know what you are doing,

Here are also  16+  Ways On How To Make Money Online In Nigeria.

In Nigeria, whenever the world blogging is mentioned Linda Ikejis—Nigeria renowned entertainment blogger comes to mind.

She has raked a lot of cash in millions from  blogging business

Blogging blogging…

what the f?ck is it?

What is blogging?

In order to define what blogging is, we first have to define what a blog is.

A blog is an online resource/website run by an individual or group typically written in an informal way or conversational style which is regularly updated.


blogging is the process of updating such a website.


How to create a blog in Nigeria.

Creating a blog is easy in Nigeria.

There are basically 2 easy way to create a  blog in Nigeria the free and paid way.

The Freeway

This involves using google Blogspot platform, ,Wix or various blog hosting services.

The services help handle your hosting free while attaching their domain to your online blog,

For instance, Linda Ikeji —Nigeria foremost entertainment blogger started her blog on Blogspot having the URL, All though she has purchased a custom domain

Her blog still runs on the blogger platform.

The Paid Way

This involves you hosting your blog software preferably WordPress on a hosting server, you would also need a domain name which is your address on the internet.

There are two Renowned domain and hosting service provider personally I use – Namecheap & Bluehost.

WordPress is an open-source content management system [CMS] that makes creating blogs and professional website seamless.

In order to set up your blog successfully with wordpress, you need some basics. know-how

  1. Selecting a niche
  2. Domain & Hosting
  3. Installing WordPress
  4. Customizations
  5. Adding contents
  6. Generating content
  7. Best traffic sources


#1.Selecting a Niche

A niche is your prefered blogging category, this could be entertainment, fashion, politics e.t,c

This is a very intrinsic stage of setting up a blog.

It goes a long way to predict the success of your blog.

if you select a niche you know nothing or lack passion for, you most likely get tired of blogging and give up.

A more reason why we keep hearing that blogging is not lucrative, but far from it, if a blogger gives valuable content to his readers. Users automatically come through.


#2.Domain & Hosting

As stated above  you need a domain and hosting in order to set up a blog,

A domain is similar to your address on the internet while hosting intel where your content is stored up for access.

choosing a good domain & hosting service goes a long way to predict your success in blogging,

if  you employ the  services of a  slow and  downtime hosting provider, your users  would get turned off and most likely not visit your blog, this also affects your ranking in the search engines

There two companies I have personally used and would recommend —Namecheap and Bluehost.


Namecheap is an American domain and hosting company that was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall,

Their plans are cost-friendly, have high uptime and excellent support




Bluehost is also  an  American  domain and hosting company which is owned by Endurance International Group and founded by Matt Heaton in 2003,

Blue host is among the top best 20 hosting companies in the world, having 99% uptime.


Getting your first domain and hosting is easy After Signing  up  on any of the above hostings providers,

You proceed to do a domain availability search, this is to check if the domain you intend using is available or already in use.

If the domain is available, you would proceed to bu coupled with your hosting with your debit/credit card.

Upon successful purchase, your Cpanel details would be sent to your via the email you used when signing up with instructions on how you can access your hosting space.


#3.Installing WordPress

WordPress is an opensource content management system and is used by 25% of the world’s websites,

Installing WordPress is very easy,

Here are simple steps to install WordPress

  1. Login into your Cpanel with the details sent to you via mail
  2. Locate softaculous — A Cpanel app that lets you focus on using apps rather than installing them. In the list of apps available locate WordPress, click and install on to your web server.
  3. Your database configuration would be handled for you automatically, and an email would be sent to you containing the configuration you filled in.

#4.Customizing WordPress

After installation comes customization of the CMS— WordPress. After login into your site dashboard with the admin URL,

in the form of http:// your-domain-name/wp-admin

you would be able to add posts, pages, menu links, change themes, add plugins to extend functionality.

Themes and plugins are a major part of WordPress customization. Themes entail the site external structure, look and feel.

while plugins extend the functionality of WordPress CMS.


#5.Adding contents

In order to add content to your site, WordPress makes available post, pages and media.

The post navigation allows you to add recent post and content to your site.

The Page navigation allows you to add standard pages


the media navigation houses photos and video file which can be used for post and page content


#6.Generating content

Content is the key to blogging, you need to align your content according to your niche and audience.

what to write about and how to can be a problem, but using google trends to ascertain what is trending can be useful,


you would need to understand how keywords work and how to get profitable keywords that would get the right traffic to you.

Writing your own content could also pose a problem, especially if you are a busy person.

but do not fret as there exists a service that can help you write your content for a small fee.

HireWritters  is an on-demand writing creation service, the company began in 2012 and have risen to popularity. They offer an affordable rate for those seeking to hire writers to create content for them. A 500-word article from a skilled writer could go as low as $10.

If you need such amazing writing service, you could sign up for an account below


#7.Best traffic sources

A new website does not just start having traffic overnight, infact on an average it takes about 6months to see any considerable traffic,

there are many sources of gaining traffic both free and paid.

Top free traffic source in Nigeria:

  1. Nairaland forum
  2. Quora
  3. Facebook Post/ comments
  4. SEO-Search Engine Optimization
  5. Youtube

The free traffic source does not give much momentum as the paid traffic source in a short time but it is sustainable over a long period if google gets to rank it or it provides extreme value to the target audience.

Mind you, paid traffic comes with a twist, you have to understand your audiences if they would be interested in what you intend to projected to them else you end up wasting money on advertising.

Below are list of paid traffic sources I use:

  1. Google Adword (Best paid advertising)
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Propeller Ads Network
  4. Bing Ads
  5. Criteo

The above advertising worth pretty well for me in terms of budget and result, There are tons of paid advert companies that offer different models of reaching the target audience.

so it’s intrinsic you know your audience what they want and how they interact.

this would help in the long run on the choice to make when projecting your adverts.

How to make money blogging in Nigeria

Making money via blogging is no get rich quick business as projected by many, on an average before a blog starts getting considerable traffic, it takes up to six months of consistent hard work, and we all know that traffic is what brings in the money.

Top ways to make money blogging in Nigeria include:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Cpa Offers
  3. Media Advertising(Banner Ads, Google Adsense e.t.c)
  4. Sponsored post
  5. Information Marketing


Wrap up

Just like every business, time, effort and consistency are needed to scale up the ladder to success.

Blogging would be lucrative if you take it seriously, do appropriate research and most importantly be consistent.

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