One of the biggest problems in the digital marketing world is optimising a sales Funnel that helps  propel business growth.

Optimising your sales funnels can help you prepare a business for higher heights, increase sales and build trust,

but how can we optimise a sales Funnel when we don’t know what the heck a sales funnel is?


What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of step or direction a prospective customer takes in order to buy goods or services, A sales Funnel exist whether you believe it or not. If you can influence or optimize your sale funnels properly and understanding your customer’s behaviour you can increase sales tremendously.

A typical sales funnel is the AIDA model- Awareness, Interest, Decision & Action shown below:

sales funnel clickfunnels

Each phase of the sales funnels is intrinsic to get effective result You do not expect prospective customers to develop an interest in a product without awareness.


At the Awareness stage the prospect becomes aware of a solution, product or even a service, In this stage, they might be more informed of an existing problem that needs a solution.

This could be done through a Google paid ad, a post made by a friend on Facebook, a tweet, a mail or something similar. At this stage, awareness is being created for the product or service.



At the Interest stage, the prospect is aware of the problem and on his way to solution finding, This is when you can attract them with some captivating content, Every information you feel that will capture the heart of the buyer, state it. Tell him the benefit of the product, how long the product will last.

The goal of this stage is to ensure that the prospect sees reasons to buy your products and how the products can be beneficial to them.

He next expresses his interest in your product or services.


At the Decision stage, the prospect is weighing whether to take advantage of your solution, this is when your sales offers are made by using sales page, webinars, calls e.t.c

At this stage, you give the prospect every reason he should buy the solution/product from you.  You could set up enticing offers such as a discount on sales, free delivery of the product E.t.c. Whatever the offer that you intend to use on your prospective buyers, make sure it is strong enough to capture their hearts.



At the Action stage, the prospect wants to finalize a deal with you making him a customer by clicking on the purchase button, then the money is transferred to you and you provide the solution to his problem.



A Typical Sales Funnel Analogy

Let’s imagine you have a product that intrigues a certain age group let’s say 25 – 40 years of age.
You run a Facebook ads / Google ads that drive traffic to a landing page on this page you ask your prospects to sign up for your email list in exchange for a lead magnet.

Now the awareness stage has been met and you got prospects through Facebook advertising / Google Ads. Over the next few weeks send out content to educate/build interest to your email subscribers about your specific product, inspired by testimonies of people who have used the product.

At the end of the email, you offer a discount on the customers first order, the customer makes a decision to purchase and actually takes action by buying the products.


Why is a Sales Funnel Important?

Having an in-depth understanding of sales funnels can help you find ways in which you can easily convert your regular visitors into paying customers. A sales funnel is important because of it:

  • Builds trust and familiarity with intending products you wish to sell and thus increase conversion.
  • Helps you know how to relate with your customers—You would be able to drive a prospect to customers through the funnels by understanding their behaviour, this would enable you to decide which strategy is best converting.
  • Give your business a direction— The common problem of new entrepreneurs is lack of direction. A sales funnel is a channel used to achieve more sale. it has a direction. Understanding and optimizing your sales funnel would give you a competitive advantage.
  • Produce more sales—The internet operates on trust and value. A sales funnels objective to me is centred around these, When trust and value come in matrimony sales is made. Sales funnel guides a prospect like a parent guide and child to become a customer while protruding value and trust.
  • Room for improvement —Due to insights gotten from your customer’s behaviour. There is room for optimization and covering loopholes, which would help in sales increase.


The above is what drives success in the internet Trust, Value, and Direction and these are attributes of a good sales funnel. if a prospective buyer trusts your solution and perceives value, there is a larger possibility of him becoming a paying customer.


How to Build a Sales Funnel Fast

We’ve have talked about how important sales funnels is in improving sales yield,

How then do we create a sales funnel that works?.

The following steps have been developed to assist you in how to build a sales funnel fast.

Step 1: Know your Audience

It is extremely intrinsic to know your target audience, this would help you save advertising cost and produce more value to you.

Take note of how your customers navigate through your site. What places do they click? Where they navigate to and the period they spend your the site.

Step 2: Get the Attention of Your Audience

Your sales funnel is of no use if you cannot get people to your site. Whatever message you want to get across should be made clear to your customers and it must arouse their interest. Put in work in ads optimization, targeting the right audience. Once interest is built, you have scaled through a formidable stage of the sales funnel.

In the process of developing your ad content, work on videos- this have a high converting value, pictures and other types of content that will make your site engaging.

Step 3: Build a Landing Page

The ads you create for your site helps to direct your visitors to where you want. It is only normal that you want them to get to the page where they will buy a product or two. Place your focus more on prospects who will become leads. The landing page is set up to spur the visitor to navigate to the next page.

Direct them on what to do. Be intentional about your expectations of them. Whatever the next step may be, let them know. If it requires watching a video or reading through an article, let them know the essence.

Step 4: Set Up an Email Drip Campaign

A brilliant content will motivate your leads at this point. You can get the content across to them through email. Be consistent with it but do not make it a daily thing so that they will not be bored with it.

Get to know what your market wants and teach them how to go about it. What are the things they need to learn and the challenges they may encounter? Also, educate them on how to overcome the challenges.

When you are done with your drip campaign, put up a great offer. The offer will spur the leads to take action.

Step 5: Be particular about Communication

When you finally get your customers to take action, do not allow communication to stop there. Continue to communicate with them. Let them know you still have them in mind. Promotions is one way of getting sales, Do let them know.


How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel

There are countless ways to optimize your sales funnel. Your core focus should be on areas that customers will use to get to the next page of the site.


  • When you are running an Ad on Facebook, ensure that you do more than one. Run as many as you can and channel them to various buyers. Make sure that your target audience sees them. Use various methods during your campaign Ads. It will go a long way to meet your target audience.
  • Paying attention to your results is the perfect way to optimize your sales funnel.
  • Always keep a tab on your customer maintenance rate. Do you have people who come back to you after the first, second, and tenth time? Do you also get referrals? These are the questions that you must answer. Maintaining your brand should be your utmost priority. If your customers are satisfied, it simply means you are doing a great job.


Top Recommended Marketing Tool To Build Your Sales Funnels

Below are a list of recommended marketing tool you could use in building your sales funnels fast and easy.


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Sales Funnels are important integral in modern-day marketing. Using sales funnels can increase conversion rate rather than just a direct AD to product advertising.

Sales funnels guide and make the marketing process easier especially with marketing tools like ClickFunnels and Kartra Around.

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